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4 Holiday Projects that use Real Evergreens

I made our outdoor pots, which are usually naked this time a year, festive with extra branches from the Christmas tree.

Every year we get a real Christmas tree, but this year the base was too short to fit soundly into our tree stand. This meant we had to lop a few bottom branches off and I didn’t want to just toss them. Cue a flurry of extra decoration creation!

I used the larger branches as a backdrop for one of my outdoor pots that is generally barren over winter. I then went and clipped other evergreen branches from bushes around my yard. I have some rhododendron, holly, and a couple unidentified bush pieces added in for texture and fullness. I then hung some plastic ornaments in the center of the foliage to make it extra festive. I think layering is the key with designing winter planters, and being able to forage for “ingredients” makes it a fun and cheap project.

“I have some rhododendron, holly, and a couple unidentified bush pieces added in for texture and fullness.”

Next, I used a branch that had a curve to it to create a winter suncatcher. I saw something similar on Pinterest and decided this was an easy project that would pack a punch with the low, winter sun shining through our south-facing window. I took some ornaments I already had that I thought would catch the light and hung them from the branch using fishing line, mimicking the swoop of the branch. Ta da! Another basically free piece of décor!

I made two other pieces of outdoor holiday décor using my extra Christmas tree branches. They are basically the same, but different sizes. I bunched similar sized pieces together and made a cute red bow to go at the top. Here’s a link to a quick bow making tutorial that I used.

Voila! 4 simple, cheap projects to make the most out of that fresh Christmas tree. I’ll save my bows for next year, so decorating will go even quicker.

It was so warm out, I only needed a light sweater while working outside!