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Simple Holiday Runner

Attaching the ornaments to the metal chain with twist ties!

I created another simple holiday decoration project out of plastic ornaments, those zillion twist ties hanging out in my kitchen, and a metal chain I picked up at a hardware store. I ended up hanging this runner from a hook on a door, but it could also be used as a simple table runner.

I made sure to purchase ornaments that were different sizes and a few different, coordinating colors to add interest. The first (optional) thing I did was hot glue some ribbon to a few of the ornaments to add contrast. Just use what you have, I happened to have some gold ribbon, which worked perfectly.

Finished holiday runner hung on the door.

Next, I put 2-3 ornaments on each twist tie, attaching through the cap. Each twist tie was twisted through a single loop on the metal chain, leaving some space for manipulating the ornaments, but not enough to see the chain or ties.

Even though the ornaments were plastic, the runner got heavy quite quickly, so I ended up making it shorter than anticipated. Once I had my desired length, I used pliers to open up a loop on the metal chain to disconnect the excess. And voila!